Any One Can Do More Then Just Dream

Why Not You?

Be Everything You Never Thought you Could be

All great dancers have one thing in common – they started as beginners. Like you, they had no prior knowledge and myths lingered in their minds but they were eager to learn through continuous practice, dance camps, trainings, and events. They take every chance they get to show off their dance moves, sharpen their skills and improve their routines.
Because it’s through constant learning and experiences that makes one a better dancer. Our goals are about changing people’s lives through dancing and making opportunities for everyone’s growth. At Arthur Murray we welcome students of all ages, occupations and interests levels. We treat everyone with respect and encourage everyone to love the art of dance – whether it’s for fun or self improvement or Competitive.
You, too, can do the same!

Why Competitive Dancing is for you!

Learn to Dance Competitively
Want to put your dance hobby on the fast track? Do you ever wish you could switch places with a celebrity on Dancing with the Stars? While there are many students that prefer to learn to be a comfortable social dancer, there are those that want a challenge, and to push their ballroom and latin dancing to a competitive level.

Maybe you loved competition in another hobby, or you just need an aggressive, but fun, deadline to make the most of your investment in this activity. Whatever the reason, competitive dancing is an exciting way to push the limits of your comfort zone.

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